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2.4 GHz IoT, UWB, Tiny ML (ML on embedded) 
•    25+ years of experience in wireless product development
•    Add ML to your application to provide a unique advantage to your product offerings.
•    Optimize battery-powered operations leveraging the capabilities of the wireless technologies offered by Nordic Semiconductor SoCs.
•    Reduce engineering risk and component sourcing risk in wireless product development.  


Migration support from nRF5 SDK to nRF Connect SDK 
•    Migrate your nRF5 SDK-based application for nRF52 to the nRF Connect SDK to get the new features and applications on the nRF Connect SDK
•    Move to the nRF53 series to take advantage of the fastest MCU using the nRF Connect SDK


Bare metal applications on nRF52 
•    Build firmware that runs directly on the RADIO to reduce power consumption and memory usage to the bare minimum and use the cheapest and smallest nRF52 ICs for your application. 
•    Software development nRF52 development (nRF5x SDK) 

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