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The EMSi BLU App triggers a desired action on a Bluetooth® LE device based on nearness of the app to the device.  The desired action and the distance (nearness) are configurable in settings.  EMS BLU app is customizable and offered as a white label based on customer requirements.    

 Supported features: 

  • Bluetooth® scanner 

  • Service discovery  

  • Filtering based on name and RSSI 

  • Logging of all Bluetooth® devices  

  • Scanned and app actions with their advertising data,  

  • Service UUIDs, RSSi 

  • Status reports emailed to support 

Firmware update over Bluetooth® for Nordic Semiconductor devices 
iOS 13 and later (iPhone 6s (2015) and later) 

  • General Purpose App  

  • Simplifies commissioning process for field personnel.  

  • Customizable for each customer 

  • Based on device nearness set in app  

  • Various actions possible on nearness.  

  • Nearness accuracy from 12 to 18 inches on calibration 

  • Supports OTA DFU updates for Nordic devices. 

  • EMSi Blu App works with all manufacturers’ devices. 

  • Import firmware update files from any other app. 


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