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EMSi BLU App Bluetooth® Companion App


EMSi BLU App is a versatile companion app designed to enhance the functionality of Bluetooth®-enabled products. Whether it's a smart device, wearable, or IoT gadget, EMSi BLU App offers a seamless experience, enabling users to control, update, and personalize their connected products effortlessly.


Key Features:

OTA Firmware Updates: Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements through Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates. EMSi BLU App enables users to conveniently update their Bluetooth® products directly from the app, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.


Secure Commissioning:

Commissioning new products is made secure and hassle-free with EMSi BLU App. Utilizing a secure link, users can easily pair and set up their devices, ensuring a smooth and secure connection process.


Email Status and Error Logs:

Keep track of device status and troubleshoot issues efficiently with email notifications and error logs. EMSi BLU App communicates important updates, status reports, and error logs directly to product support teams, facilitating quick resolution of any issues that may arise.


Proximity-Based Actions:

Customize actions based on the proximity of the user's phone to the connected product. Whether it's unlocking a smart lock when approaching the door or adjusting settings when nearing a smart device, EMSi BLU App triggers desired actions seamlessly, enhancing user convenience.


White Label Customization:

Tailor the EMSi BLU App to match specific branding and requirements with ease. The white label solution allows businesses to customize the app's appearance, features, and branding, providing a unique and cohesive user experience for their customers.


Blue Dot Location Integration:

Navigate indoor spaces effortlessly with integrated Blue Dot location services. EMSi BLU App leverages indoor maps and Blue Dot technology to provide accurate location tracking within buildings, helping users find their way efficiently.


Basic Voice Commands:

Interact with connected products using basic voice commands for hands-free convenience. EMSi BLU App delivers basic voice control capabilities, allowing users to perform tasks and control devices with simple voice commands, enhancing usability and accessibility.


EMSi BLU App revolutionizes the way users interact with Bluetooth®-enabled products, offering a comprehensive companion app packed with essential features and customization options. From seamless firmware updates and secure commissioning to proximity-based actions and voice commands, EMSi BLU App enhances the user experience while providing businesses with a versatile platform to engage their customers effectively. Whether it's controlling smart devices, navigating indoor spaces, or staying connected with product support, EMSi BLU App delivers a streamlined and personalized experience


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