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2.4 GHz Carrier Board with USB and RS232 interfaces for mobile identity management and location-based access

Product Information

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EMSi5340’s dual-core processor with Nordic Semiconductor's nRF Connect SDK allows the wireless connectivity to run on one core and the applications to operate on the second core. Additionally, its full speed USB and RS232/UART provide options for wired connectivity. EMSi5340 comes with advanced security like trusted execution, root-of-trust and secure key storage security features apart from increased memory. 

The state-of-the-art Arm CryptoCell-312 provides hardware-accelerated cryptography; and together with the key management unit (KMU) peripheral, root-of-trust and secure key storage are implemented. The security support and the multi core architecture make the nRF5340 the top-of-the-line of the Nordic Semiconductor line when compared to the nRF52832, nRF52840 or the nRF53833. The product’s hardware components such as 32KHz crystal and components for DC-to-DC power supply reduce power consumption.


EMSi5340 can be powered over USB, external 5V power or from a CR2450 battery, with additional battery options for larger capacity and recharge capability as per customer requirements.  

Key Design Features:

- Mounted in a splash-resistant enclosure

- USB (micro) and RS232 interface

- Power input

- Two LEDs and one beeper

- Battery back-up option

- Supports mobile credentials

- Provide service access to equipment


Product Specifications:

- Interfaces: High-speed USB interface (Virtual COM Port), RS232 connectivity to existing platforms with a 5V voltage level.

- Power: CR 2450, Options to allow batteries of different sizes and capabilities. USB-powered option and 5V DC power and, extensibility to handle other voltage levels.

- Software: EMSi5340 foundation firmware with OTA (Over the Air), Serial OTA, predefined configurations for low power and battery-operated use. 


- EMSi5340 is system-certified with the custom enclosure and as an OEM (PCBA) module.

- EMSi5340 comes with a splash-resistant enclosure in two colors – black and white.  Enclosure specifications: 49mm x 34mm  x10.5mm (w/o battery) 52mm x 37mm x 21mm (w/ battery)

- EMSi5340 is available both as a finished product and to be integrated on the customer mainboard.


- Certified as a full system on 2.4 GHz with FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (Europe), AS/NZS (Australia/ New Zealand) and TELEC (Japan). 

Market Segments:

- Fitness Equipment

- Fleet Management

- Industrial Dispenser

- Time and Attendance

- Operator Authentication

- Access Control

- Secure Printing

- Vending Kiosk

- EV Chargers

- Automated Locker

- Parking

- Medical Devices

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